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Vision correction in Urbana, MD

If you want to properly care for your child’s vision and make sure their eyes are healthy, Pediatric Eyes and Smiles is happy to help with dedicated vision correction services in Urbana and Frederick.

Does My Child Need Glasses?

How can you tell?

Children can need glasses for several reasons. If you notice your child is squinting or sitting too close to the TV, it's best to bring them in for a check-up just to be sure!

Eye check up
Vision appointment

The Benefits of Early Intervention

Ensuring Your Child’s Vision Doesn’t Affect Them

Getting the right vision care for your child early on can often prevent many vision issues from getting worse over time, or from interfering with your child’s activities. We see children for many reasons such as failed vision screening, lazy eye, and acute eye problems. So no matter your child's needs, we've got you covered!

Custom Glasses: How Does It Work?

It All Starts With The Eye Exam

If your child needs glasses, we need to make sure we make them a custom pair to directly address their vision issues, following these 3 steps:

The Eye Exam

This is where we assess your child's eye health and eye sight. And if vision correction is necessary, we will see what type of custom glasses best suit them.

The Fitting

We will help your child pick out a pair of glasses that fits their face, visual needs, and most importantly their personal style!

The Follow-Up

We check in to see how your child has adjusted to the new glasses.

How To Care For Your Child’s Glasses

And Make Sure They Wear Them

Children might not take to their new glasses right away, but the right approach can really make a difference:


  • Stay positive & make it fun!
  • Praise & encourage them
  • Teach them to care for their glasses
  • Remind them gradual adjustment to their glasses is needed


  • Scold
  • Pressure
  • Force

Does My Child Need Contacts?

How can I tell?

If your child has an active lifestyle or if they don't like wearing glasses, contact lenses might be better suited for your child. We can help you make the best decision during our appointment.

Contact lenses
A child getting her glasses

Are Contacts Safe For Children?

Will they create any damage?

Yes, contact lenses are safe for children, even for babies!  However, the younger the child, the more parental guidance is needed.

The Benefits of Contacts For Children

There Are Loads Of Them!

Contacts can allow your child to have more freedom and movement with sports, improve self confidence if they don't like glasses, and in some cases might be better at addressing some vision issues than glasses.

A boy with contact lenses
Vision appointment

The Treatment Process

What You Need To Know

We take a personalized approach to your child’s treatment. The initial consultation allows us to form a good idea regarding the right care for your child’s vision needs, based on which we can establish a good treatment plan.

How To Care For Your Child’s Lenses

And Make Sure They Are Using Them Properly

If your child has contacts, it’s essential to take the right maintenance approach:

How to put them in

Wash your hands, tilt the child’s head slightly back, and place the contact with your index finger.

When To Wear Them

This will vary from child to child, but we will provide you with more information relevant to your child's needs.

How To Clean Them

Rub and rinse with the contact solution only, and store them in the proper contact lens case.