How to Handle a Children’s Dental Emergency?

You should immediately call our office and we will walk you through the situation. Our knowledgeable and professional staff will also have your child’s emergency appointment scheduled. We suggest taking the following steps based on the type of dental emergency:

Knocked-Out Teeth

If your child’s permanent tooth gets knocked out, we suggest wiping any debris off and placing it back into the socket. Else, ask your child to hold it in the mouth while bringing him or her to our office. If that doesn’t work, place the tooth in a container of saliva, water, or milk and bring it along.

Tooth Ache

If your child has a sudden toothache, rinse their mouth with water. You may consider using over-the-counter pain medication to ease the pain, but you should bring your child to our office for children dental care in Urbana, MD as early as possible.

Chips & Fractures

You should place the chipped tooth fragment in water or milk and bring it along. Make sure to rinse the mouth gently. If there is swelling, provide cold compresses.

Tooth Sensitivity

Kids can also suffer from tooth sensitivity, but the underlying causes are often different from those for adults.
●      Toddlers and young children can have pain in the baby teeth
●      Older children can have tooth sensitivity because of a cavity or injury

Dental Decay

Dental decay or cavities can affect both temporary and permanent teeth. If your child has tooth pain or sensitivity, you should fix an appointment with our office to get them examined for cavities.

Lost or Loose Fillings

Lostor loose fillings are also dental emergencies. They usually occur in olderchildren.If your child has a lostorloose tooth filling, fix an appointment with our Pediatric dentist in Urbana, MD before the dental conditiondeteriorates."Lost or loose fillings canturn into dental emergencies over time. If your child...."

Dental Abscess

Anabscessed tooth can cause extreme pain and affects the tooth root. Signs of anabscess include swollen gums, bad taste, and fever. It needs immediateattention from a Dentist for kids inUrbana, MD to prevent the infection from spreading.

At Pediatric Eyes and Smiles, we are committed to helping elevate your child’s dental health. Dr. Steven Tan, our Pediatric dentist in Urbana, MD, has years of experience and provides comprehensive and compassionate dental care.