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Purchasing Children Eyeglasses in Urbana, MD

Eyecare in Urbana, MD


Between online sellers, discount retailers, warehouse stores, optical shops, and eye doctors’ offices, you’ve got options. The price tags on low-cost choices can be tempting, but are they really a good deal?

For patients focused on getting the best value for their money, there are a few important factors to consider:

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Warranty and servicing options

At Pediatric Eyes and Smiles, we offer manufacturer’s warranties on eyewear, something that discount and online retailers don’t always provide. Our optical can also adjust or service your eyewear on an as-needed basis. This is especially helpful with kids and their active lifestyles!

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Quality of lens treatment

Today’s technologies for glasses can block UV light, protect against minor scratches, reduce eye strain, and of course, cut down on glare for comfortable and clear vision. However, coatings available through discounts and online retailers don’t necessarily meet these standards. They may craze and peel, reducing your visual clarity or rendering your eyewear useless. Plus, any budget treatment doesn't necessarily perform as advertised.


The American Optometric Association (AOA) recently conducted a study ordering eyeglasses online through 10 of the most popular online retailers. The prescriptions in these lenses were analyzed, and it was found that 3 out of every 10 pairs (29%) had at least one lens that failed to meet the required prescription! This is especially important for young kids who don’t know what they’re supposed to see. At Pediatric Eyes and Smiles, we verify all measurements prior to having your child wear them and address any issues immediately.

Fit and quality

Tired of glasses that pinch or slide down your child’s face? We can help ensure a proper fit of your child’s eyewear to sit comfortably on their young face, which also means looking through the optimal area of the lenses for the best vision possible.

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