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Lazy Eye (Amblyopia) Treatment

Amblyopia or Lazy Eye is the most common cause of visual impairment in young children. 3% of young children suffer from it. The condition involves the brain ignoring the signals from a single eye. Thus, only the other eye is used for vision. Over time, the eye that is not used for vision suffers in terms of normal vision development. Pediatric Eyes and Smiles in Urbana, MD / Frederick, MD provides Lazy Eye Treatment and Dr. Ashley Wong recommends periodic eye monitoring and examination from an early age.

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The symptoms of Lazy Eye can differ from one child to another. The common signs and symptoms that should alert you and get your child to our eye clinic include:

  • Squinting in any eye
  • Trying to hold items close to the eyes to see them
  • Rubbing one eye more often
  • Crossed or wandering eye, also known as strabismus

In some cases, children may not show any symptoms at all.

What are the Causes of Amblyopia?

There are 3 underlying problems that can cause amblyopia in a child:

  • Refractive Error: When a child has a greater need for glasses for one eye than the other, they are at a higher risk of Lazy Eye.
  • Strabismus: The eyes are not aligned and don’t work together, causing the brain to ignore one eye.
  • Deprivation: eye condition that deprives the eye from visual stimulation like cataracts (cloudy lens in the eye) and/or droopy eyelid as an example.
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Amblyopia Treatment

Your child will have to follow a special regime for Eyecare in Urbana, MD to correct or improve the condition. This involves forcing the use of the weaker eye. This involves the following therapies:

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Patching Therapy

Your child will be required to wear an adhesivepatch over the weaker eye for a few hours a day. This treatment follows for afixed number of weeks or months. Dr. Wong will usually suggest this treatmentregime for children under 8.

Atropine Therapy

Our Pediatric Optometrist in Urbana, MD may prescribe atropine eye drops if your child cannot wear a patch.

Both the treatments have been found to be almost equally effective intreating Lazy Eye. We are driven by the goal to provide comprehensive vision care to our young patients. We suggest you seek early treatment for your child to help improve the chances of correction and to maintain long-term vision health.