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Contacts & Glasses for Children

At Pediatric Eyes and Smiles, we have a diverse and comprehensive selection of solutions for Children eye care in Urbana, MD. We carry a wide range of prescription contact lenses and eyeglass frames for both boys and girls of all ages. A common question many parents ask is whether their child is old enough to wear contacts. At a physical level, children’s eyes can tolerate contacts from a very young age. Dr. Ashley Wong, our Pediatric Optometrist, can help you and your child take the right decision based on their eye condition.

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Contact Lenses for Children

You would be surprised to know that even babies are sometimes required to wear contact lenses because of eye conditions they are born with. 90% of children in the 8 to 11 age group can wear single-day disposable contacts without any trouble and without help from their parents. Many children are engaged in active sports. Contacts can offer many advantages over glasses when engaging in such activities. The benefits include:

  • No fogging up
  • Not getting streaked with sweat
  • Not getting knocked off due to movement or impacts
  • Better peripheral vision

When it comes to sports, we suggest soft contact lenses. They are larger and can fit tightly compared to rigid GP lenses. Contacts can also help build self-confidence and esteem in some children.

Eyeglasses are Still Required

Children will need a pair of eyeglasses even when they choose to wear contact lenses. One-day contacts need to be removed at least an hour before going to bed to let the eyes breathe. Besides, there will be occasions when your child needs to wear their glasses.

We offer a vast selection of glasses for kids, carrying sizes for everyone ranging from toddlers to teens. Besides, your child can choose different frame sizes including oval, round, square, and more. We also offer various styles to help your kid choose the one they love the most – classic, vintage, contemporary, and trendy.

At Pediatric Eyes and Smiles, we are driven by the goal to provide a specialized and complete range of Eyecare in Urbana, MD to children of all age groups ranging from infants to adolescents. We strive to make a positive impact on your child’s vision to help promote a lifetime of positive health. We are a husband-and-wife team of pediatric specialists helping enhance vision and dental health for children in Urbana, MD / Frederick, MD. We are certain that your child will find our fun, attentive, and compassionate office environment to be a great experience.

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