Routine Exam & Cleaning

Routine dental exams and cleanings are an essential part of children dental care in Urbana, MD. Regular and proper brushing is beneficial, but regular visits to your child’s dentist are necessary to keep the teeth and gums healthy and strong. During these sessions at Pediatric Eyes and Smiles (PEAS), we will clean your child’s teeth and check for cavities and monitor the dental development and look for any potential issues.

Dr. Steven Tan, our Pediatric dentist in Urbana, MD, suggests that children’s routine dental exam should be scheduled every 6 months. During the exam, we may also conduct digital X-rays of your child’s mouth.

Importance of Routine Dental Exams

As already mentioned, you should bring your child at least every 6 months for dental cleaning and examination. At times, you may notice something isn’t right in your child’s mouth and you should fix an appointment with our clinic. At PEAS, we regularly handle situations involving loose teeth that don’t fall out, extra teeth, missing teeth, tongue ties and other surprises.

Still, there are potential dental issues that may go unnoticed and routine exams can help detect them in time.

● Cavities can form between the teeth and may not be visible except with a radiograph
● Impacted teeth may cause unusual eruption patterns and cannot be detected without a dental exam by a Dentist for kids in Urbana, MD
● Routine exams can play a crucial role in catching dental surprises sooner

Routine Dental Cleaning

Routine dental checks also include complete cleaning from a hygienist or dentist.

● We will check the mouth to ensure there is proper dental growth
● We will assess the condition of the gums
● We will clean and polish teeth using the right dental equipment
● Any plaque formation is removed from the teeth

At Pediatric Eyes and Smiles, your child will feel comfortable during the entire process. Once the tartar has been removed, our hygienist will brush and clean your child’s teeth using a special toothbrush and toothpaste. The teeth will be flossed and our hygienist will guide your child on proper brushing and flossing techniques to maintain proper oral health.

Fluoride Treatment

If required, we may determine that fluoride treatment is required to help keep your child’s teeth healthy and strong. Fluoride treatment is a common part of routine exam and cleaning due to its effectiveness. We offer many fun and exciting different fluoride treatment flavors to ensure a great experience for your child! 

We provide comprehensive children dental care in Urbana, MD. From routine dental exams to emergency dental care, we provide a complete range of services for your child’s oral health.