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located in the new shopping center next to Urbana Park and Ride


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Vision & Dental Care in Frederick, MD

Healthy Eyes, Happy Smiles.

Welcome to Pediatric Eyes and Smiles (PEAS), where we provide comprehensive and compassionate vision and dental care for children of all ages! Our husband and wife team of pediatric specialists are elevating vision and dental healthcare for kids in Urbana, MD, and surrounding areas by introducing a fun, all-encompassing experience under one roof. Like two peas in a pod, Dr. Ashley Wong and Dr. Steven Tan are leading little ones towards a lifetime of healthy eyes and happy smiles. If you’re in the neighborhood, stop by and visit us at our pediatric dental & eye care office in Frederick / Urbana, Maryland. We can’t wait to meet you and your family!

Dr. Ashley Wong, Pediatric Optometrist, portrait picture at Pediatric Eyes and Smiles

Meet Dr. Ashley Wong

Pediatric Optometrist in Urbana, MD.

As one of only a handful of pediatric optometrists in the DMV area, Dr. Ashley Wong’s specialized skills coupled with her relentless passion for uplifting children allow her to deliver the very best eye care for her patients every day. From providing comprehensive medical management of young eyes to educating families via engaging and inspiring appointments, she couldn’t be happier to tend to the sight of tiny patients and take part in helping them champion lifelong vibrant vision!

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Dr. Steven Tan

Pediatric Dentist in Urbana, MD

Dr. Steven Tan is a father, husband, and a board certified pediatric dentist with a big heart for little smiles and his local community. His goal is to serve kiddos with empathy, excellence, and integrity, so every child can grow to be a proactive patient in their oral health and walk into dental appointments with unwavering confidence. He loves conversing about sports and video games, making positive memories, and fostering a friendly, comfortable atmosphere for kids and parents alike.

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Dr. Steven Tan, Pediatric Dentist, Portrait picture at Pediatric Eyes and Smiles


At Pediatric Eyes and Smiles (PEAS), our team is committed to providing quality vision and dental care for kids in the community of Frederick, Ijamsville, Urbana, MD, and surrounding areas! Schedule an appointment with our eye and dental specialists for children today!

Cute chairs at the lobby of Pediatric Eyes and Smile office.
Dr. Ashley Wong, Pediatric Optometrist, performing and Eye Exam.
Pediatric Dentist, Dr. Steven Tan, with one of his patients at PEAS office.
Beautiful plants decoration at Pediatric Eyes and Smiles with a PEAS business cards.
Cute chandeliers at Pediatric Eyes and Smiles. Office lobby
Pediatric Eyes and Smiles office lights at the front desk.
Toothbrushes at Pediatric Eyes and Smiles.

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pediatric Vision Services IN URBANA, MD.

Glasses display at Pediatric Eyes and Smile! Different types of glasses.

By coming in for an eye exam with our pediatric optometrist, we will be able to track your child's vision development and make sure they are seeing things crystal clear.

If nearsightedness is hindering your little one’s learning experience and quality of life, Dr. Wong provides successful and personalized myopia treatment options to say “see ya” to blurry vision and “hello” to beautiful eyesight.

From finding frames that compliment your kiddo’s style to rocking stellar vision every time they put them on, we’ve got their eyes covered with a collection of custom, high quality glasses that you and your child will love!

Although eyeglasses can look pretty cool, your child may opt for a stellar, spectacles-free way to correct their vision. Dr. Wong offers a full spectrum of contact lenses along with pro tips and tricks to ensure a safe and seamless fit.


Gentle, effective, and completely non-invasive, Silver Diamine Fluoride fights back cavities and halts the progression of tooth decay in tiny smiles without the numbing and drilling involved in traditional fillings.

Specialized in the latest minimally invasive methods, Dr. Tan delivers Silver Modified Atraumatic Restorative Technique (SMART) restorations to combat cavities and strengthen your child’s growing grin.

Whether your little one is experiencing deep tooth decay or an oral injury, Dr. Steven Tan is here to bring back their smile with calming, kindhearted care and custom-crafted pediatric crowns designed to revive a happy, healthy bite.

Our pediatric dentist in Urbana, MD, provides regular cleanings and exams that help keep your little one's teeth squeaky clean and cavity-free.

Dr. Steven Tan, Pediatric Dentist at Pediatric Eyes and Smiles performing an dental exam.

See Why Families Are Smiling!

Dr. Tan is very kind and compassionate! He provided the best first dental appointment I could have hoped for for my daughter. It is so nice to have a one stop shop for dental and vision for kids! Great office!

Lauren A.

PEAS is amazing!  I am thoroughly impressed by their professionalism and expertise during the girls appointment. The staff is also extremely welcoming and warm. The girls came in anxious about their cleaning but left with a big confident smile! Thank you Dr. Tan and Skyler for taking the time to explain to us how to care for the girls teeth to prevent potential cavities and Jasmine for doing the x-rays!! My girls ​will no longer fear going to their dental appointments. That speaks volumes, and I thank you!

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Dr. Tan is very kind and compassionate! He provided the best first dental appointment I could have hoped for for my daughter. It is so nice to have a one stop shop for dental and vision for kids! Great office!

Lauren A.

Dr.Tan is amazing! He takes his time explaining everything and is very gentle. Staff is incredible and efficient. Appointments do not take long. Everything runs smoothly. 10/10 recommend

Bahar R.

Dr. Tan and Dr. Wong are obviously a match made in heaven, but add the amazing staff to that recipe and you truly have a dream team! I can’t say enough good things about “PEAS.” It’s the first place I have taken my kids that’s “medically” related, that they are excited to go to. For that I am very grateful to have found them!

Dayron B.

Dr Steven and Dr Ashley are the best doctors for kids. They both are very caring and go above and beyond to keep the appointment smooth. The best pediatric dentist and optometrist in town!

Sumana K.

Both Dr. Steven Tan and Dr. Ashley Wong are incredible! We used to drive 45 minutes to see them and are so excited that they’re opening in Urbana even closer to where we live! Providing a one stop shop for pediatric dental and optometry needs is genius!

Ryan L.