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Dental Services in Urbana, MD

Children’s Dentist Covering All Their Oral Health Needs

For kids, the first visits to the dentist define how they perceive oral health treatments throughout their life. Creating a positive experience for children in need of dental treatment promotes good oral hygiene and encourages coming regularly for check-ups. Dr. Steven Tan, DMD, focuses on dentistry that leans on prevention and minimally invasive treatment.

Preventative Care For Kids

Prevention is the most successful approach in dentistry, as most issues are caused by the neglect of the prevention phase. Dr. Tan patiently teaches children how to take care of their teeth and mouth and makes them look forward to their next visit.

Minimally Invasive Dentistry

Children’s teeth are different, especially when it comes to baby teeth. We offer pediatric crowns and fillings that are perfectly fit for the teeth of a child, according to their age and medical history. The treatment is comfortable, aimed to solve problems and enhance the child’s self-esteem.

Pediatric Crowns and Filings

The principle driving our medical practice is being minimally invasive, but efficient enough to solve the issue at hand. Dr. Tan will choose the treatment that is targeted at the medical problem of the patient while keeping as much as their natural structure and avoiding any unnecessary interventions.