Special Needs Dentistry

At Pediatric Eyes and Smiles, we have the experience and skills to provide special needs dental care in Urbana, MD / Frederick, MD. Our Pediatric dentist in Urbana, MD, Dr. Steven Tan, has training in the specialized skills and techniques to help our young patients feel comfortable and relaxed while they receive dental care.

Why Kids with Special Needs Need Special Dental Care?

little girl at the dentist

Kids with special care needs are usually at a higher risk of developing dental problems and conditions. They are also at a greater risk of suffering oral trauma. There are many reasons why your child may need our special Children dental care in Urbana, MD:

  • Intellectual disability can make it hard for a child to understand proper oral hygiene practice or its importance
  • Children with special care needs may have higher levels of dental anxiety, decreasing their frequency of dental visits
  • A physical disability may make it impossible or difficult to implement proper oral hygiene practices without help
  • Certain conditions may impact the development of jaws and teeth
  • Certain conditions such as ADHD, epilepsy, and sleep apnea can cause teeth grinding
  • Impaired motor skills or seizures may increase the risk of oral trauma
  • Certain medications can cause dry mouth

How to Prevent Dental Problems?

Dr. Tan suggests that children with special needs should receive their first dental check-up at least by their first birthday. A visit to our dental office in Urbana, MD / Frederick, MD will get your child started on a lifetime of positive dental health. We will conduct a thorough medical history and run a gentle exam on your child’s gums and teeth. We will develop a preventative care focused on your child’s unique needs.

At Pediatric Eyes and Smiles, we provide complete and compassionate dental care for kids of all age groups. Our inviting and comforting office environs are designed to make your child feel at home.