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Children Eye Care F.A.Q in Urbana, MD

It is important that parents schedule regular appointments for their children with a Pediatric Optometrist in Frederick, MD. At Pediatric Eyes and Smiles, we provide comprehensive and compassionate eye care to children of all ages. We specialize in enhancing children’s vision. We understand that parents are always seeking answers to different types of questions related to their child's vision. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions and their answers to help you make the right decisions.

What is the right age for my child’s first eye exam?

We suggest that you should visit our Pediatric Optometrist in Frederick, MD the moment you suspect any vision problem with your child. As a general guideline, an eye exam and/or vision screening is recommended from infancy, especially when your child seems to be at a higher risk. For example, if your child was prematurely born or has a family history of poor eyesight, they can be at a higher risk. This is to detect and diagnose any eye condition as early as possible, as this increases the chances of successful treatment. In normal conditions, it is recommended to take your child to an eye doctor for an eye exam prior to entering school.

Vision appointment
Vision appointment

How long will the eye exam last?

During your child’s first visit to our Eye Doctor office in Frederick, MD (Pediatric Eyes and Smiles), we will take a complete history, followed by a comprehensive eye exam. The exam can include eye dilation using eye drops (or eye camera if the doctor deems appropriate). Your child’s eyes will be checked for any form of eyesight, eye muscle, and eye health issues. We suggest giving up to 1-2hours for the first visit.

My child seems to have normal vision.How to detect any hidden eye problems?

It often occurs that children and their parents are unaware of any eye problem. Many times, this is the case when one eye is weak and the child compensates by using their stronger seeing eye. We suggest that every child should get an eye exam prior to entering school.

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Contact lenses

Can children wear contact lenses?

Contact lenses can be worn by children of all ages. The only challenge in this regard is whether your child is old enough to handle the process of wearing and taking off the contact lens and maintaining hygiene.

My child frequently complains OF HEADACHES. Is this related to an eye problem?

It is likely. Often, headaches can be corrected with glasses. However, there are various medical and ocular conditions that may cause headaches and eye pain.

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Vision appointment

My child blinks a lot. Should I beconcerned?

Many times, blinking is not related to an eye condition but is a nervous habit. We suggest getting your child’s eyes examined to determine if there is any underlying eye problem. If the excessive blinking is accompanied by redness, rubbing, or tearing, please schedule an appointment with us.

If one or both the parents wear glasses, does this mean our child also needs glasses?

Some eye conditions are hereditary in nature. If you have a strong family history of a specific eye condition, we suggest early examination of your child.

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