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Vision Services in Urbana, MD

Specialized Vision Services for Children

Children and adolescents go through many changes throughout their development, and doctors who understand both the physical particularities of young age and the psychology of children and teenagers are able to treat them more successfully and get them to cooperate. Dr. Ashley Wong, OD specializes in pediatric optometry and believes in prevention, early detection, and early treatment for a brighter future in young eyes.

Eye Exams

Comprehensive eye exams are necessary in the life of every child, to ensure that they are developing normally and any potential issue is identified early on. Dr. Wong is very gentle and comforting to children, making their experience pleasant and interesting. 

Vision Correction

Corrective lenses, as well as more complex and long-lasting treatment are applied for good visual development, with all the relevant details in mind and care for the unique needs of the patient. Monitoring of the vision is done closely, in order to adjust treatment when needed.

Myopia Treatment

Contrary to the past where myopia or nearsightedness was treated with stronger glasses and/or contact lenses every year, there are now treatment options to slow down myopic progression as your child is growing. These treatment options include drops and/or special contact lenses like dual focus lenses or ortho-k.

Frame Brands At Pediatric Eyes and Smiles!