What are SMART restorations?

A Newer Approach To Treating Cavities

Silver Modified Atraumatic Response Technique (SMART) involves applying SDF (Silver Diamine Fluoride) and a Glass Ionomer Composite (GIC) to stop the progression of a cavity without needing to drill the tooth or apply anesthesia. With it, tooth structure is preserved.

The Benefits of SMART

And How It Can Help Your Child

If SMART is the right procedure for your child, there are some compelling benefits to it:

No pain

SDF and GIC are painted directly on the cavity and will create no discomfort or pain.

Preserves tooth structure

The technique doesn’t require any drilling, so the tooth remains perfectly intact.

Fast process

The entire procedure can be done in just a few, painless minutes!

The Treatment Process

The Three Simple Steps of SMART

SMART is a great option especially for smaller children who have a difficult time sitting still for more complex procedures. The process is usually over in a matter of minutes, with no discomfort for the child.

Applying the SDF

The cavity is gently brushed with the SDF that will stop the growth of bacteria.

Glass Ionomer Restoration

The restoration acts as a seal that prevents food and bacteria from attacking the tooth.


Monitoring the tooth just to make sure your child has a picture-perfect smile! We recommend periodic visits at least every few months to make sure the cavity has not progressed.

Does My Child Need SDF?

We’ll Help You Make The Right Decision

SMART is not a good option for all children. For example, if the cavity is large and has already reached the nerve, then the child will need a filling instead.

We will recommend the best option based on your child’s specific dental issues. During our first appointment, we will examine your child’s tooth or cavity to assess its size and whether SMART is the right approach.