The Importance Of Establishing A "Dental Home"

And How It Can Benefit Your Child

Going to the dentist can be scary even for adults, so it’s important for the child to trust their dentist. Having a dental home, meaning a practice that will oversee your child’s dental health long-term, ensures that visits to the dentists aren’t met with cries or protests.

Not only that, but by having a dental home, the dentist becomes highly familiarized with your child’s unique needs, and can offer them the best possible care.

The Benefits Of Establishing Good Oral Habits

And How To Teach Your Child About Them

Good oral habits should be taught as early as possible, to make sure the child’s dental health is preserved. It can be difficult for parents to stay on top of these things and make sure the child is properly brushing their teeth, but the best way to make sure the child develops good oral habits is to lead by example!
Dr. Tan can provide more individualized tips for your child, but for the most part, there are 3 essential things you need to do:

Brush together

Children naturally mimic their parents, so the best way to teach your child the importance of brushing their teeth is to do it with them!

Explain why

Tell your child that brushing their teeth helps them make their teeth strong and healthy!

Visit us regularly

Fixing certain issues before pain sets in can be a good way to show the child there is nothing to fear when going to the dentist!

Cleanings & Exams

For Bright Smiles and Healthy Teeth

Routine cleanings and exams are some of the best preventive care things you can do for your child besides creating a good dental hygiene routine. We can professionally clean your child’s teeth and spot any issues long before they make any trouble!

Fluoride Treatments

Are they safe?

We recommend fluoride treatments as a way to prevent tooth decay. They are perfectly safe for children, as only a small amount is applied, and come in a variety of kid-friendly flavors.

Dental Sealants

Are they necessary?

We apply dental sealants only if the child has deep pits and grooves on their molars to prevent tooth decay.

Anticipatory Guidance

For Healthy Tooth Growth

With one-on-one anticipatory guidance, we will provide you with individualized advice on what you need to know now and what you can expect later for your child's dental needs.