Laughing Gas (nitrous oxide)

At Pediatric Eyes and Smiles, we have created procedures and an environment that is inviting, comforting, and fun for children and their parents. The goal behind creating such a pediatric dental office is to make your little one feel at home. Still, some children can feel anxious from the very thought of dental procedures. We can use laughing gas for children who have anxiety or those with special needs, making it easier for them to get children dental care in Urbana, MD.

Why Do We Suggest Laughing Gas?

A wide range of sedation methods is used in a dental office. However, laughing gas is more commonly used by a Dentist for kids in Urbana, MD because it is a safe and reliable option. There are very few and inconsequential side effects.

Child in the middle of a dental treatment

Quick Relaxation:

When nitrous oxide is used, your child will stay awake and responsive. It works by relaxing your child so that they can receive all the dental care they need. Since your child can feel giddy, they may giggle during the procedure.

Quick Wear Off:

An important benefit of using laughing gas for children dental care in Urbana, MD is that it wears off quickly. This means your child can return to normal activities and school right after the appointment. The soothing effect comes off the moment the breathing mask is removed.

Are There Any Side Effects?

The most common side effect from laughing gas is nausea, which occurs in 0.5-1% of patients. While this is very uncommon, we do recommend that patients do not consume any food or dairy products 2 hours prior to their dental appointment involving laughing gas.


Once your child’s treatment gets completed, our team will have them breathe oxygen for a few minutes. This is done to dilute the effects of nitrous oxide in their system. Once completed, your child can go about their normal activities unless there are restrictions related to the dental procedure.

Given all the benefits of using laughing gas, Dr. Steven Tan, our Pediatric dentist in Urbana, MD, can often use it to help with our dental care services in nervous or young children. The use of nitrous oxide is part of our commitment to make the entire experience of dental care more calming and comforting to our patients and their parents.