Dental Sealants

Dental sealants are a thin layer of white or clear resin applied over the biting surface of the molars. The purpose of the coating is to protect the chewing surface from decay. According to the ADA, dental sealants can reduce children's risk of cavities by up to 80%. At Pediatric Eyes and Smiles, we provide pediatric dental sealant services in Urbana, MD / Frederick, MD in our inviting and comforting office environment. The sealant can be applied without the need for a numbing agent or anesthesia.

Benefits of Dental Sealants

Parents often want to know about the benefits of dental sealants for their children. Sealants help avoid tooth decay and cavities. The sealant is applied as a preventative measure to protect your child’s teeth. School-aged children without sealants are 3 times more likely to develop cavities than those with sealants. Our Pediatric dentist in Urbana, MD, Dr. Steven Tan, recommends that every child should get their routine dental exam and cleaning at least every 6 months. During this visit, we will check your child’s sealants and ensure they are in good condition.

Types of Dental Sealants

We specialize in the use of dental sealants designed for pediatric use. This includes:

Composite Resin:

We use composite resin that bonds to the teeth under a dental curing light. These sealants don’t release fluoride over time. They are usually tooth-colored and can blend in naturally. While this dental sealant is more durable, it is recommended to bring in your child regularly for their routine check-up and Children dental care in Urbana, MD.

Glass Ionomer:

This is a more flexible form of paste that is more suited for baby teeth. It doesn’t require curing with LED light. This paste is bonded to the teeth and it will release fluoride gradually over time to strengthen the tooth enamel.

The dental sealant session ends with the paste or paint hardening. It takes a few minutes for the process to complete.