Pediatric Dental Offices Near Urbana

You should get your child’s oral health checked by a pediatric dentist by their first birthday. Even if they are just getting their baby teeth, the tiny pearly whites mean a lot for your child’s current and future oral health. It is important that you choose the best pediatric dental offices near urban, MD for quality care.

Children are mostly not great fans of doctors, dentists, and other healthcare professionals. So, it is important that you look into more factors than just professional expertise and credentials when choosing a pediatric dentist in Urbana, MD. At Pediatric Eyes and Smiles, we suggest keeping the following considerations in mind or taking these steps when choosing the right pediatric dental offices near urban.

Kid-Friendly Environment

Children feel comfortable in environments with fun shapes and bright colors. So, you should look for a dental office that creates an environment where your child will feel welcomed. It should provide a sense of comfort to them. Dental offices usually induce stress in children and you should look for one with an environment that creates a sense of comfort.

A kids-friendly environment isn't just about the visual atmosphere. It is also about the people in the dental office. You should also consider the following elements:

·        The pediatric dentist must be kind and caring

·        The staff must make your child feel welcomed, safe, and comfortable

·        Preferably, there should be books, toys, and/or movies to keep your child entertained while they wait or while they are undergoing treatment

A friendly dental office staff can make or break your child and your experience.

Take a Tour

A good dental practice will be more than happy to allow you and your child to take a tour of their facility. When you take the tour, check out everything and consider how it makes you and your kid feel.

Consider the following points:

·        Do you find the atmosphere kid-friendly, inviting, and warm?

·        Are the dental office staff patient and accommodating with your child?

·        Are the staff and pediatric dentist ready to answer your questions?

Use the opportunity to learn about the range of pediatric dental services they offer. This should include:

·        Preventative dental care

·        Routine exams & cleaning

·        Minimally invasive dentistry

·        Pediatric crowns & fillings

·        Emergency dental care

·        Dental sealants

·        Fluoride treatment

·        Gentle tooth extraction

·        Special needs dentistry

Make sure to learn about their procedure for emergency dental care.


You should also learn about the approach followed by the pediatric dental offices near urban, MD.

·        The ideal dentist should take a preventative approach to dental care

·        Kids need a proactive approach to oral care because they are growing, developing, and changing

Kids are also more vulnerable to tooth decay and cavities. This makes it even more important to consider long-term preparation and solutions. A pediatric dentist that follows a proactive approach can identify potential issues before they appear and treat them early on.

At Pediatric Eyes and Smiles, Dr. Steven Tan, DMD is focused on pediatric dentistry that follows the minimally invasive and preventative approach. We take pride in serving the communities of Urbana, Ijamsville, Frederick, and surrounding areas in Maryland.