Finding a Pediatric Dental Center in Urbana

Pediatric dentistry is focused on the dental care and treatment provided to children. Pediatric dentists have undergone specialized training to address the dental needs of children and adolescents. There is more to pediatric dentistry than performing dental cleanings. Kids that get regular dental check-ups and cleanings have better oral health and smile.

There are many dental centers in Urbana, MD, but it is important to choose the right one. At Pediatric Eyes and Smiles, we suggest considering the following factors when Finding a Pediatric Dental Center in Urbana:

1. Kid-Friendly Environment

Visit their website to check out the pictures of the dental office or visit their office. The goal is to check the level of kid-friendliness in the overall atmosphere. Children tend to feel more relaxed and comfortable in a dental center that is designed with bright colors and has games and toys.

2. Emphasis on Preventative Pediatric Dentistry

The perfect pedodontist will focus on preventative dental care. This means their dentistry processes will revolve more around preventing dental problems in children before they occur.

·        They will teach kids about the importance of good dental habits

·        They can use sealants to prevent tooth decay before cavities are formed

·        They can use fluoride treatments to prevent decays even before they begin

3. Check Reviews & Reputation

Check online reviews to gain insights into the quality of dental care provided by the pediatric dental center. Look for centers with reviews that speak about:

·        Quality customer service

·        Excellent scheduling

·        Quality dental care

·        Kids-friendly atmosphere

Reviews allow you to learn better about the pediatric dentist, their staff, and the quality of their service.

4. Answering Your Queries

You should fix an initial consultation with the center and ask as many questions as you want. The pedodontist and their team should not only be knowledgeable, but they should also be ready to answer your questions.

Before you choose any pediatric dental center, make sure to prepare a list of questions you want to ask. The right pedodontist and team will not have any issues answering all your questions in a professional manner.

5. Friendly Staff

It is also important to consider how friendly and courteous the dental office’s staff is. Visit their office and check out how they interact with children, both in the dental chair and in the waiting room. When Finding a Pediatric Dental Center in Urbana, make sure the team is patient, pleasant, and kind. It is also recommended to check how they handle kids who are anxious, afraid, or unwilling. Also check whether they are trained to provide dentalcare to special needs children.

At Pediatric Eyes and Smiles, Dr. Steven Tan, DMD is focused on preventative and minimally invasive pediatric dentistry. He is a board-certified pediatric dentist and is committed to serving his local community. All our staff members love to spend time around kids and know what it takes to make them feel better. We serve the communities of Urbana, Ijamsville, Frederick, and the nearby areas.